Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Vista of A Zooming Cycle

Good day people.

It's been quite some time since my last long post. So, I'm just gonna blab away for now.
Over the month, things took quite a turn. After all the misery and despair, happiness seems to be just there gently waiting by the corner for me when I'm ready. R.K. Narayan's The English Teacher is a simple yet symbolic story of what I believe is true. The pursuit of happiness.

I'm glad that finally I've cleared all the nonsense around me, but sadly, there's been too much bad luck around me this year. Maybe partly is because of my negligence as well but trouble strucks when I least expect. I thought I could save money to fix speakers and get a new phone as well as get some Topman t shirts. And maybe, go visit my brother in Langkawi and get drunk on cheap beer by the beach, or in Genting shrouded by a mist of happiness and echoes of laughter. But, I just haddd to crash the Terrano and to make things worse, choose the wrong decisions into the path of the once unknown; letting the fella tow it to the workshop. Things settling now. So we'll see how it goes. How broke it'll get me.

Other than that, I'm proud to say that I've grown a lot and learnt plenty of things about life and in my pursuit of happiness and in trying to be a better person. I may not be religious, but at least I have my values in life that make me who I've become. For this, I really have to thank the people who brought me up including my Sunday school teachers. Unsung heroes Beb! The breakup opened my eyes to new things and taught me that life is a bitch and well, you make your own happiness, because happiness is within. Happiness is not from buying Gucci shades, Coach handbags, or Adidas watches. :P But it is from finding inner happiness. Inner peace. Like Krishna from English teacher, who gave up his 100rupees teaching job for a 25rupees a month in a kindergarten. Astonishing.

Anyway, I don't know what actually am I supposed to write. They're mostly not specific and random. So just bear with me. Anyway, after my exams, and my one month break, I'll be joining July intake for my Intermediate course. Wheee! Hope to start soon. But I don't know if my friends will be joining me. Ah, nevermind, at least they will during revision phase.

Moving on, for my A-Levels, for law, I don't know how bad I'll do. For literature, maybe this will be my best. I hope so. For business, wiggity-wackk! I know nuts. Anyway, overall, I hope it's better than a C, D, E. Or else 'I'm a dick,' according to Qit Yee. Hah. A-Levels was a real cracker. Backbone of my studies la. Not SPM or PMR. Those exams are bullshit.

Anyhow, my social life is getting better. I used to not have friends. Now at least, there are people I can talk to and rely on. There's also 'pinkshirt' who is superr nice. :) We'll see how it goes. Ah, anyway, Obama quoted from the Quran! Good stuff. Thumbs up. Go google it. Should be easy to find. Other than that, I'm psyched up about tonight's drinking session. Heh. And also have to study business later on. So, I should get going now.

Buhbyee.. (=

PS: Sorry for the hints of literature references. Had literature paper yesterday. Heh. xD

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