Monday, June 22, 2009

Summary of A Good Week

Hello people,

I had a really good week. Things were tiring and I was broke (still broke actually) but still managed to go around and not stay at home. First, there was the Wong Wai Hoong breaking the Malaysian record for nonstop cycling on a spinner for 48hours, then, there was those boring lazy days where I managed to watch a couple of movies on the computer, then, had a nice time texting at times, then, went for shisha and a few sips of beer in Reggae Bar. I also went for pool with Ash alone all the way in Asia Cafe wearing pink slippers and being all selekeh and gay.

The event we organized was at Sooka Sentral in Synar Gym. This dood, Wong Wai Hoong, actor/fitness buff/etc cycled for 2 days nonstop and broke the record, so I was there helping out my uncle. Many celebs were there to support Wong Wai Hoong. Plenty of eyecandy. And also, during the course of working I had the opportunity to drive a big ass van. Some old school, Ford Econovan. Long ass mo'fo. Other than the malfunctioning a/c it was a thrill to drive something big for once as compared to my CLK, Cute Little Kancil. :P Overall, it was an eye opener because of the intensity of the event, people running around, Ash cutting his hand and had to get it stitched, chicks everywhere, working out. Sweet.

And as for the movies I watched, there's Sex Drive. Awesome shit. Amish people are bloody cool weh. xD And I could quite relate to the storyline. =) Relate as in not the virgin part but the part that his close friend is his crush and that close friend like another close friend. Love triangle lah in short. So, yeah. Interesting shit. And I also watch Punisher War Zone, gory shit and the villain Loony Bin Jim is terrorizing as fuck weh! Seriously, one of the most feared villain. Good movie la, the gore was good. One shot from a pistol can blow a head off. xD Imagine what a shotgun could do in the movie. Also watched Marley and Me, sad story of life la. But overall, it was niceee.. =)

Moving on, it's nice that there's someone to accompany you even if they're not there physically. I'm talking about texting. =) What would I do without a phone. Hee.. And today I went to Reggae Bar and had shisha with JoJo and Mohan. Whee! And we saw I <3> SUNI written on the wall. WTF!?

Early in the week also, me and Ash went AC. Was supposed to meet up with Cherrie and gang but they couldn't make it in the end so, ended up me and Ash alone at AC. We weren't even
dressed up casually. We were damn selekeh as in go-mamak-selekeh. We played pool. Awesomeness. Then, left at 2.30am. Imagine, going all the way to AC just to play pool after work. Tired as fuck. But it was worthwhile. =)

Long story short, the week was good. Although didn't go do any nonsense but it was sensible fun. =) Talking about sensible fun, I need to go eat now,
dinner is sensible fun. xD

Nights, people.