Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley

Went for Ash's Bday Bash. Went to BBQ Bar, then head over to Poppys. No, i mean 'Popeyes'. xD
Then, the bottle we brought in, was considered smuggled in. So, we cudnt bring it in. Bouncers all make make noise. Then, we chilled around. Ash, Ram and I... Chilling. By the junction. Then met with Pauline and Ann. Lol. Chilled till like 4. Then we all left. Ash and Ram went meet up with Ashley and another guy. Then I went home. :) End of story. The End.


ashley choong said...

you should have come daryl!!!!!!!

Pauline T said...

u know its kinda confusing le... how many ash u got la.. LMAO xD

daryl, damn fucking embarassing i was pointing at the mamak restaurant instead of u when we bumped each other. LMAO xD

Daryl said...

aha. Okay. All the above are Ash the dude. :P